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FEBRUARY 17 2022

About us

Poornima Aarohan 2022 is the significant College fest conducted by Poornima group of Colleges.

It is a commingle of the series of meticulous activities likely steamy cultural manoeuvre, amusing club activities, smashing sport pursuit, aggregating it into the most momentous and noteworthy event.

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Q1. Who can attend AAROHAN 2022?
Ans. All the current students belonging to Poornima Group of Colleges can attend.

Q2. Is there any entry fee?
Ans. NO, There is no entry fee. But you must carry your Poornima ID card as a proof.

Q3. What is my Aarohan ID?
Ans. You will get a unique ID of the form 2022PAXXXX on your mail ID after succesfully registering. This is your Aarohan ID which will be used to identify yourself while attending Aarohan 2022. Please note this ID.

Q4. What will be the timings of the event?
Ans. All the events and activities will take place from 9AM onwards to 9PM

Q5. Can we participate in more than one activity?
Ans. YES, You can participate in as many activities you like just make sure that they don't collide.

Q6. How to register for activities/events?
Ans. All the students who want to participate, has to register through website first, then you will get your unique Aarohan ID on the provided E-mail using which you can fill out the google forms.
Poornima Group of Colleges

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3rd Year (PIET)

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2nd Year (PIET)

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2nd Year (PIET)

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1st Year (PIET)